Monday, July 21, 2008

Head out on the highway... searchin' for adventure

Since it is doubtful that I'll be able to update my blog until next weekend, I thought I'd let you guys know what I'm up to for the next few days. This morning we are getting on the big air-conditioned AFS bus and driving to Cape Coast (west from here, but still on the coast, obviously), which is about 2-3 hours away. There we will check out two castles there, and learn some history about the slave trade that occurred here. So we'll be in Cape Coast for two nights. Then we are going to Kumasi, which is kind of northeast of Cape Coast. Kumasi is like The Place for shopping around here, apparently. We will also be going to a museum - I seriously can't remember what's in the museum, but I know I have to wear fancy clothes to go in. At some point in this trip there is a canopy walk, which I am REALLY excited for. It's going to be like B-A to the max.

So, unless I find an internet cafe in Kumasi that doesn't look life-threatening, adios until next weekend, which is also my last weekend in Ghana :(. And let me leave you rock music fans with a fun little note: Whenever there is road construction, you are notified by a sign that says 'Men at Work'. :)


AuntLori said...

Hi Shannon! We miss you! Emma and Dottie say "hi".

Erika said...

OMG! Hey Shan-non. I haven't talked to anyone since I got home! How are you? I will ave to start a facebook and get in touch.