Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Drizzle, drizzle

The first thing I immediately noticed upon my return to Seattle is that I feel cold ALL THE TIME. I also quickly stuffed my face with many junk foods but also started working out like crazy (that's the American way, isn't it?).

Without too much loquaciousness, since I mainly wanted to put up a few pictures in this entry, July was the most incredible month of my life. I have gotten this question so many times - how was your trip? All I can say in a sentence is that it was amazing, awe-inspiring, life-changing. They told us before we went to Ghana that we would change while we were there. The whole time I kept thinking I felt like the exact same person, but in reflection, all the insane things that I've seen and the roller coaster of emotions that I have ridden, have really made me a better person. I'm inspired by my host family, who welcomes in students with no questions asked, and I'm inspired by the other students in my group, who helped me through all the challenges, and I'm inspired by the Ghanaian people, who are so incredibly friendly and genuinely caring. I've never met so many people named Kweku, so maybe that also helped with my name memorization skills.

Anyway, I really can't summarize it all, so I'll just mention these pictures, and hope that what I wrote made sense. I want to go back to Ghana this instant and pick up where I left off! A month is a short time when you think about how it affects the entire rest of your life.

There were many palm trees in Ghana, although this photo is of one of the more 'lush' areas that we drove through during our week of travel.

Team leaders Robb and Rebecca!!

The best picture I could really come up with to portray a "typical street" in Accra, although there is really no such thing as a typical street in Accra.

I would like to hire this place to make my next party a success.

My older (and very tall) host brothers! Desmond on the left, Kweku on the right

Older sister Pearl in the center, younger sister Afua on the right

Being attacked with love at Peace and Love Orphanage :)

Everywhere around the world, they love Jesse Miller!!! Including at Christ Faith Foster Home

THIS is that crazy guy I mentioned several entries ago, who wanted really badly to marry me! Notice my friend Angel attempting to rescue me, to no avail. Everyone thought I was crying behind my sunglasses, but I was actually laughing so hard!!!

My best friends in the AFS group (we called ourselves the Dream Team) - At the bottom is Kerry, the top is Erika, and the right is Gaby.